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Game crashes before AND after manual battles

cptslothropcptslothrop Registered Users Posts: 1
Build v1.3.2

WH3 is becoming unplayable for me. I began having issues with my Greasus campaign where the game would increasingly crash to desktop without error messages as I was loading out of manual battles to the campaign map. Autoresolve worked and otherwise the campaign worked. I tried closing all other programs and restarting my computer before starting to play and that seemed to keep things stable for a while. But on 7/20 I manually won a minor settlement battle that would have been a loss in autoresolve. The game crashed while loading to the campaign map. On 7/22 I opened the game and found all of the load files had an error message warning me that it was an old game version (screenshot and relevant data files attached).

Since it didn't look like I could continue my Greasus campaign, I started a new Demons of Chaos campaign. About 7 turns in the game crashed to desktop without any error message when I tried to load into my first manual battle (relevant data files attached).

I haven't really tried anything to make things work other than restarting my system and having no other programs running when I play. I'm not technically sophisticated and I quickly get lost when reading other comments in this forum from other people dealing with similar sounding crashes.

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