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Background blur (bloom, depth of field) - please, add advanced graphic option to disable it

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edited August 2022 in Warhammer Campaign Feedback
When I disable depth of field, units look like they should without blur, but battlefield is still blury, and becomes more "sharp-looking" only with camera movement. I am myopic, but stll don`t see big object from afar (like hills, mountains etc) with that degree of blur, and I prefer warhammer 2 solid outlines for distant objects. So, it`s mostly a matter of taste, but shall greatly improve game experience for at least a few dozens of people, according to steam discussions about bloom and blur. As a side effect, it could boost fps a bit for people with weak machines, too. There is workaround in steam forums: disabling shadows, fog and skybbox (quality=0) in settings ini.file. However, it would be nice if depth of field on the map will become toggleable graphic option just like depth of field for the units, without the need to remove shadows, fog, and sky quality. The best reference is total war: warhammer 2 with all graphic settings set to maximum: all objects far behind batltefield borders still have clear edges, only a bit of fog on some maps.
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