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How to fix tomb king confederation.



  • Nyxilis#3646Nyxilis#3646 Registered Users Posts: 7,800
    Main reason people want confederate is to pick up legendary lords and heros that faction has. While ignoring the toxic effects confederation has on the game. It doesn't really suit every faction and it's better to have unique variations or vassalization, electorates, and things to instead simulate the larger unified groups if even. Confederation should be distilled down to specific factions won only through specific mechanics like Kislev courts.

    Hence, allowing the recruitment of legendary lords and legendary heros of factions you conquer is the real answer here for the broader poke collectors.
  • IamNotArobot#8850IamNotArobot#8850 Registered Users Posts: 5,758
    vassalage is the worst, they suck. confederation is the way
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  • GloatingSwine#8098GloatingSwine#8098 Registered Users Posts: 2,764
    Yannir said:

    None of this really addresses the reason you can't confederate Tomb Kings, which is that it would let you blow past your army and character limits in the early to midgame.

    So actually the "change" required is that as soon as you confederate them all their armies crumble to nothing, heroes die and lords are wounded. You can then redeploy the lords 5 turns later.

    Tbf, the hero caps should be revised for TK. They are a tad bit too restrictive when your empire grows beyond Nehekhara. It wouldn't break the game either, the TK heroes are good but within reasonable limits.
    Yeah, it would be nice to get the hero limits into double digits at least. Given that you're hard limited to how many armies you can have (and that should stay) you don't need a super high number of heroes, but getting like 12-15 of each instead of 8 would be nice.
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