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Game crashes randomly after the last update

slideeyeslideeye Registered Users Posts: 1
Dear all,

I've played the game recently for about 50 hours without any problems whatsoever. After the last update I did 2 hours ago, the game crashes randomly and nothing from the fixes (verifying integrity of files, changing resolution, run as administrator, update graphics drivers, ....) seems to be working. Its totaly unplayable as it happens within few minutes when I load the game, even in the game menu before I even load the save. The graphics freezes but you can still hear stuff going in the background, even if I click on shortcut, I hear that the game acknowledge it and reacts on it, but after few moments later, it crashes completely.

Anyone has the same issues? Does anyone know a fix for that?

I have it on steam if that makes any difference

Thank you


  • RexMaledictioRexMaledictio Registered Users Posts: 5
    edited August 2022
    I am having a similar issue.

    The graphics freeze but I can still hear the audio from the game and the audio seems fine, then the game crashes.
    I did not used to experience this until I upgraded parts of my PC.

    - Graphics card: From 1080Ti to 3080Ti
    - RAM: From 2x8GB(16GB total) 3200MHz to 2x32GB(64GB total) 4000MHz

    The rest of my computer is as follows:
    - CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x
    - Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX 570 E-GAMING
    - Drive: Samsung EVO 970 M.2
    - OS: Windows 10

    If there are some files I can send to CA for you to see why the game crashes it would be great.
    Just tell me which files, where they are located, and where to send them.

    When I upgraded my ram and gpu I also bought a new monitor, 49" Samsung Odyssey miniLED and have been playing the game in Fullscreen at 5120x1440 resolution.

    Trying to play the game in Windowed mode as was suggested in the following support site:

    Have you tried running the game in Windowed mode?

    Seem to have resolved the issue by lowering the MHz of my rams from 4000MHz down to 3600.

    Reason why I did this is due to my motherboard only supporting 2x32GB rams at max 3600MHz.

    You may want to look into the above.
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  • 71tothjozsef71tothjozsef Registered Users Posts: 2
    I have the same problem, I can't even switch to window mode. (HUN) Nekem is ez a problémám, ablak modba nem is vált át. :#:s
  • 71tothjozsef71tothjozsef Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited August 2022

    It has run without any problems so far, as can be seen from the 427 hours of playing time. Since the 1.3.2 update, it always exits to windows. The campaign minimap is white, the dots of the settlements and the flags of the teams are visible properly. If I click on the icon in the upper right corner of the minimap, it freezes immediately.
  • CentNonCentNon Registered Users Posts: 5
    Same for me :(
  • CentNonCentNon Registered Users Posts: 5
    This works for me, I had set to maximum quality but when I set to middle quality/performance I never had crashes again

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