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Hero movement is stuck at 100 - traits, followers, statuses have no effect

RunixRunix Registered Users Posts: 38
I had suspected that hero movement was bugged, and did some testing to confirm. As far as I can tell, hero movement points are stuck at 100/100, and nothing changes that.
  • Traits - Strategist should add +5% movement, but it has no effect.
  • Followers - Kislevite Kossar should add +7%, but it has no effect.
  • Status - Temporary status effects, like Slaanesh's "The Morning After", have no effect.
I'm quite confident that all of these are supposed to impact hero movement, since Strategist and the Slaanesh events target heroes in particular. If heroes are supposed to have movement fixed at 100, then the traits/followers/statuses that claim to change that should be removed, though again, I don't think that's intended.
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