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Realistic expectations for Race additions.



  • DarthEnderX-#6513DarthEnderX-#6513 Registered Users Posts: 5,303
    If I'm being HONESTLY realistic:

    CDs, DoW and something Nagash are realistic. The Khanate will be included inthe CDs.

    If I'm being hopeful, I think Khuresh, Nippon, Ind and Araby are all possible. But any or all of them might end up with small representations in the DoW instead.
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  • Nihil515Nihil515 Registered Users Posts: 222
    I think it's realistic to aim for a lot, as long as the game continues to sell:

    1) It is obvious that the chaos dwarves are coming.
    2) Nagash is coming, but as a mechanic, the latest revealed end game mechanics point to this.
    3) The expansion of settlements in estalia and tilea points to a DLC of DOGS OF WAR.
    4) It also seems obvious to me that Ind and Kuresh are going to come out. The signs are there.

    There has been talk on several occasions of subfactions, I think the subfactions will be the following:
    - Hobgoblins, as a chaos dwarf subfaction.
    -Maybe gnobblars for the gnobblar country, but I don't get serious here because I don't understand the Ogre Kingdoms LORE.
    -Nordic dwarves for the dwarves.

    What I would like to see happen, what is easy to do and what I don't think will happen:
    - Subfaction of Human Pirates for the Vampire Coast. Aranessa review and access to mercenary units.
    - Amazon Subfaction.
  • AxiosXiphos#9040AxiosXiphos#9040 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 9,717
    Chaos Dwarfs are a given

    Nagash (in some form) is a given. But I doubt he will be a campaign pack style race.

    DoW still have a good chance.

    Ind And Khuresh and been disconfirmed multiple times - but there's an outside chance of getting 1 of them... maybe. CA do keep hissing for some reason in market spiel.

    Hobgoblins also have an outside chance - however I'm pretty certain they will come in some form with Chaos Dwarfs (as that's when 80% of their roster will be in the game anyway).

    Araby is never coming.
  • Ironhawk97#2562Ironhawk97#2562 Registered Users Posts: 542
    They aren't going to release anyone they can't fit on the game 3 map, assuming they go by the same model they did with the second game. This makes sense, or else there would be game 3 DLC getting released that you can't actually use unless you own every game. Sure that's 99% of the people on this forum, but unless they change their approach to Immortal Empires, that's how it has to be.

    That means pretty much all of the most wanted races other than the chaos Dwarves are out, and like it or not, the RoC map is warped in such a way that southern expansion isn't possible, which means no Ind, Khuresh, Araby, Southern Realms, or Amazons. A horde-based race, such as the Dogs of War or Hung are much more likely. If Nagash comes, it's looking like he'll be a one-off to the undead similar to how the Daemon Prince is to chaos.
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