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Thinking about getting a tattoo

Nero7TW#8293Nero7TW#8293 Registered Users Posts: 5
Hello everyone

I am thinking about getting a tattoo, the rider in the TW logo.

It would be on my upper right arm. What do you think about it?


  • Astraeus#6689Astraeus#6689 Member BrittonisRegistered Users Posts: 424
    So did you @Nero7TW ? I assume full colour, not just a one ink blank?
  • Nero7TW#8293Nero7TW#8293 Registered Users Posts: 5
    Hey there, in early October I'll be getting it for sure. Need the money first and gonna get it on my trip to Miami. I'll post back once I got it.

    I have trouble finding the rider in full color. I might get it in one ink blank yes.
  • Astraeus#6689Astraeus#6689 Member BrittonisRegistered Users Posts: 424
    Good luck with it @Nero7TW#8293 if you go ahead & I hope you have a good holiday too. So Medieval II is your favourite historical TW game of all? I ask because I won a Rome TW themed t-shirt eons ago that had the rider logo on it, and I recall that the rider image changes slightly each time a new historical genre is brought to life by CA. Hopefully you are aware of this subtlety for the absolute best tattoo for you!

    Inspiration for your Miami tattoo artist... :smiley:

  • Nero7TW#8293Nero7TW#8293 Registered Users Posts: 5
    edited September 20
    You're awesome Astraeus, thank you so much.

    Yes I am aware of the rider changing for each game. My favorites are Three Kingdoms and Rome 2 (after the patches of course), I played them the most but I also played the older ones quite much and of course I own and played almost all of them. My Total War fascination started with Shogun 2 so I don't have the nostalgia for the older games but I am someone who enjoys playing older games so I catched up on them. Gotta say thou Lords of the Realm 2 did some things... better in a way... I played the heck out of that one as a kid.

    What I like about the rider the most in his simple form is that you can't make out from which era he is. But with detail yes it would be a Medieval one.

    Maybe the tattoo artist can fill the rider out and give him some detail yes, but keep him obscure enough so that its still generic and could fit in all games.

    That T-shirt of yours has me really jealous! :smiley:

    On my other arm I am getting the scorpion of Nod symbol from Command & Conquer.

  • bilbobaggins764bilbobaggins764 Registered Users Posts: 155
    as someone who has multiple tattoos i would caution you. I once loved TW, now not so much. Tattoos can be a regrettable thing.
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