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How to install on a different PC?

mc3744mc3744 Junior MemberPosts: 9Registered Users
I have all the TW games so far (back to Shogun), and this is the first time I had do deal with Stream.
I won't go into how much time - several hours with a good internet connection!!! - it took me to install the games (Napoleon and Empire) as it's already been discussed (and rightly complained about), or the fact the you must be connected to install!:(
My problem is with the activation key. I have multiple PCs (home, work, notebook on the road). When I tried to install on a second PC it told me "activation key already used". Which is correct - "BY ME", the owner of the license - I also provided user name, email and psw, so why can't I provide that again to install the game again?
What happens when I format the PC or upgrade to a new one?

Bottom line how do I install and play on my different machines?
I'm really hoping I'm not forced to a one single install, not even Microsoft does that ;)

P.S. Is this the right place to get feedback from SEGA?

P.P.S. when I bought the game on Amazon there was (is, as of today) no information on the requirement for internet connectivity
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  • benmrowebenmrowe Junior Member Posts: 7Registered Users
    edited November 2010
    As far as I'm aware, if you're logged into steam on the second computer, it should recognise the fact you've already paid.

    So I would try:

    a) Install Steam on second computer
    b) Log into Steam on second computer
    c) Install Empire/Napoleon

    Should work
  • mc3744mc3744 Junior Member Posts: 9Registered Users
    edited November 2010
    Thanks. I think I know what happened.
    On the home computer my kid installed Napoleon before me, with a different account name.
    Do you know if I can have two Steam accounts on the same PC for two different games? Or do I have to erase one and have the same one on both PCs? (Do I hate Steam or do I hate it?!? ;) )
    I was really looking forward to Shogun II, but if it's on Steam I'll pass, pity.

    Thanks for your help :). Do you by any chance know how to fix the mouse that no longer scrolls on the campaign map?
  • AlexandroAlexandro Senior Member Zu Lai Temple againPosts: 1,326Registered Users
    edited November 2010
    hello, if I understand well ...
    the steam keeps track of multiple users in separate folders and it gives the option to switch users. on my home, I have three users on the same computer with different games, but empire tw, for example, is installed separately on each machine(two)...
  • mc3744mc3744 Junior Member Posts: 9Registered Users
    edited November 2010
    Thanks! :)
    I'll try to understand how to create a new (me) Steam user on my other PC and install Empire under my user name and not my kid's (under which we installed Napoleon).
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