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Napoleon total war intel 12th gen incompatibility

thelastcadianthelastcadian Registered Users Posts: 1
edited August 20 in Napoleon: Total War
another thread exists but due to the lack of response from creative assembly i thought it necessary to create a second thread.
it has been known for a while now that NTW does not work with intel 12th gen since at the earlist november 2021, all support tickets featured the same response stating its being investigated and to watch official twitter feeds etc, this all creates the presentation that CA have ZERO interest in fixing the issue probably due to warhammer 3 being and immortal empires now right around the corner.


  • Ironhelm#8763Ironhelm#8763 Registered Users Posts: 42
    I enjoy playing Empire, but have never played Napoleon. I believe CA should address and support their games for if they would it would send a message that they support their player base.
  • Cheah18Cheah18 Registered Users Posts: 6
    Thank you for creating a second thread - I think it is indisputable it is needed.

    The only thing I've heard is that someone posted a response from CA customer service saying they were 'aware' of the issue, with the classic phrase 'and are looking into it' or WTTE tagged on.

    Frankly, technical support for the game being continued or not, they sold and are still selling NTW and unless this is some crazy conundrum of a technical problem that they can't figure out fixing, they should get onto it fast.

    I gave them some lee-way in my own mind due to Immortal Empires being released for TW3, as you say, which would have been an all-hands-on-deck project, but that's been out for a few weeks now and I think they should attend to this or announce they are struggling to fix the problem.
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