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Gift dark fortress to vassal bug

QuozQuoz Registered Users Posts: 3
When occupying dark fortress "the forbidden citadel", there is an option to give it to a vassal. Upon gifting, faction Varg is ressurected, they are not your vassal but neutral. Varg does not show up in the diplomatics menu.


  • QuozQuoz Registered Users Posts: 3
    Faction not existing in diplomacy menu

  • QuozQuoz Registered Users Posts: 3
    I suppose this is still development in process, but in case it hasn't been fixed yet I'll leave this here
  • QuickwickedQuickwicked Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited August 28
    This bug is still active. Seems to happen to Varg, Vanaheimlings and Khrag and maybe for others during different campaign but these are the ones I have bumped into.

    I noticed it when I took a small settlement and gifted it to Varg which didn't exist at the time so I tried circumventing it by taking the doom fortress first for the others. But there is no option to occupy and vassalize for these factions even though you clearly should be able to.

    These factions do not "exist" for some reason even though they are clearly on the map. They are also unable to create armies and not sure if they can build.

    Edit: Just looked and they are not building anything, 0 garrison and if there are a garrison they do not replenish at all. So it's basically a ruin.

    Edit 2: Okay so this is not a bug at all (The part on OP not being able to occupy and vassalize Varg from the Forbidden citadel) just a bit of confusion in how the system works. There are specific locations that you need to occupy in order to get the 'Occupy and vassalize' button.

    It's a bit hidden but if you look on the icons of the vassal cities you can see they have a spiky portrait, well some cities have extra spikes and these are the ones you need to take in order to make them vassals, if you hold on the portrait there will also be a text explaining this. For Varg the city you need to take is 'The monolith of Katam'. For Kul it's 'The writhing fortress' and so on, so on.

    If Devs see this it might be a good idea to make this a bit more clearer than just another set of spikes on the portraits because it really got confusing. And then we have the inactive cities, you can still give cities to for example Varg without them ever being your vassal and it leads to the faction not being active on the map nor Diplomacy. They are essentially out of play until you take the correct city or until someone takes them out.

    Might be something to look into but glad the system works properly.
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  • #28957#28957 Registered Users Posts: 2,674
    Can confirm that this bug is very easy to replicate. If the faction does not exist anymore (wiped out or confederated by other Norscans), and you use "occupy and vassalize" it will spawn as an "inactive" ghost faction that does not move, build or engage anyone with diplomacy.
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