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MAJOR BUG: Killing solo lord before reinforcements arrive destroys reinforcing army.

steam_164510392676ZY3iUkDsteam_164510392676ZY3iUkD Registered Users Posts: 2
Bumped into this possibly campaign breaking bug, I was able to replicate it easily and attached my campaign saves.

Campaign Info:

Immortal Empires
v2.0.0 Build
No Mods
Tomb Kings: Arkhan the Black
Difficulty: Normal/Hard
Unit Size: Ultra
Turn 9/10

Bug Walktrhrough
  1. Early into the Arkhan the Black campaign I was attacked by 2 Chevaliers de Lyonesse Armies, I killed the smaller army before the reinforcements arrived and ended the battle. I then reinforced my troops
  2. I then received the notification and fluff text for the Tomb Blade of Arkhan
  3. Then, I formed a defensive alliance with Kado and the Strygos Empire
  4. Arkhan was levelled, with all points going into the circled row
  5. Arkhan attacked Inez le Cornett, initiating a second battle.
  6. Inez was killed before reinforcements arrive, battle is ended.
  7. Upon returning to the map, both Inez and Repanse de Lyon's armies are missing, I reloaded multiple times to try and find Repanse but she was nowhere to be found.
TL;DR - Defeated Small army before reinforcements arrive, ended battle and attacked again. After killing the small army again before reinforcements arrived wiped the entire reinforcing army as well.

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  • dandelsdandels Registered Users Posts: 14
    edited August 23
    I believe this is intentional. It has worked like this since game release.
  • steam_164510392676ZY3iUkDsteam_164510392676ZY3iUkD Registered Users Posts: 2
    dandels said:

    I believe this is intentional. It has worked like this since game release.

    oh....well...that's a whole different problem. How does this make sense?
  • Quickdraw6Quickdraw6 Registered Users Posts: 3
    edited August 27
    No way this is intended, but it is more of an oversight than a bug. Seems like Repanse's army is getting wiped out by the "can only retreat once" rule, as in it 'retreats' after the first battle is ended early and then can't 'retreat' after the second. Calling this 'game breaking' is a stretch because it's pretty rare that you'll get two battles back to back that go that way with a larger one around, but it's certainly exploitable.

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