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In ProgressBug: Miscast Reduction is non-functional

fallen3365fallen3365 Registered Users Posts: 4
Miscast reduction is still bugged in immortal empires. All items, skills, and traits that are supposed to reduce miscast chance, do nothing.

Taken from a Steam report I made months ago, updated for 2.0:

Game Build #: 2.0.0
Operating System: Windows 10

The "Miscast Reduction" effect does not reduce miscast chance whatsoever. The only thing that changes miscast chance is the amount of points put into a spell. All items, skills, and traits that reduce miscast chance, do nothing.

100% of the Time

Here's how to reproduce the bug or issue step by step:
1. Launch Total War: WARHAMMER III.
2. Launch any campaign
3. Equip or activate any items or skills intended to reduce miscast chance
4. Enter a battle
5. Attempt an overcast spell

The miscast chance of the spell should be lowered by the items and/or skills intended to reduce miscast chance. Instead, the miscast chance of the spell is never changed. Whatever the base miscast chance of the spell is (depending on the amount of skillpoints put into it); it is always impossible to reduce or modify in any way.

While I know it might not be as serious as incompletable quest battles or map crashes, this is still a pretty important feature of the game that is completely non-functional. It makes multiple traits, skills, and items completely worthless, and makes training wizards past a certain level pointless. If this could make it to a list of known issues, I'd be very grateful. Nothing is more discouraging than making multiple bug reports over months and seeing zero acknowledgement or response.
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