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N'Kari IE Ambush Bug?

misternoxxnoxxmisternoxxnoxx Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 2
Sooo this looks like it has gotta be a bug haha. Playing as N'Kari in IE, When you ambush an Elven army near a peninsula, the map you load into is bizzare. Your forces zone in either on the beach, or high on the mountains, neither which can reach each other. But the worst part is that the enemy army never appears so you just sit there on a dead map. XD


  • Buzzinfr0gBuzzinfr0g Registered Users Posts: 60
    My brother and I are playing a cooperative HE campaign and just encountered this. He successfully ambushed an invading army on Ulthuan and loaded into this map. His army started on the cliff with no way to get down and the ambushed enemy never deployed.
  • fraggenstienfraggenstien Registered Users Posts: 2
    i've had this same thing happen twice now, as eltharion. same map. same situation, but i was able to move freely and the only thing that showed up was the enemy lord icon on the minimap, able to clip through cliffs etc.

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