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full refund requested see conditions below (warhammer 3)

epic_1598798049550tB9KmVepic_1598798049550tB9KmV Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 22
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total war Warhammer 3 with prop joe console commands was very easy. I used the chat box to insert prop joe console commands and loved the game a lot, and the game itself was very fun and easy too. I loved the game so much that I planned to purchase all the DLCs of the warhammer 3. I even prepurchased the last DLC.For some unknown reason the chat box was removed, I couldn't cheat in the game anymore. I would be very pleased if the chat together with the console commands was reintroduced, otherwise I request a full refund, Steam Invoice: 2984217258483408588, Invoice: 3139580663827488374.
Apology for inconvenience caused. thjanx a lot for your kind understanding. should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me,
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