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Some textures are missing

Dear developers,

Greatings, after the Immortal Empires came out i've got some issues in battles. On most maps only background looks weird, it's a bit dissapointing but is not affecting gameplay too much, but on some maps, like Khorne-corrupted ones there are strange blue planes that are making them unplayable at all. Some unit models also got affected. Before last update (23.08, version 2.0) everything worked fine. I've already tried to check the integrity of files (for 3 times), checked for windows updates, for GFX&Sound card drivers, even reinstalled drivers for graphics card, and reinstalled the game, nothing have helped. Also i had replaced my prefrences.script file with the one provided by Sega support team, the problem remains. In-game graphics settings are low, except the unit size (huge). Screenshots and DxDiag file are attached. Build number is 15717.2658933.

Thank you for attention!

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