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Faction bonus issue with AZAGH

Sigfield#9318Sigfield#9318 Registered Users Posts: 2
The problem encountered is the following, when the player embodies azagh, we have the faction bonus bringing +40 diplomacy with the vampire counts and Arkhan.
Unfortunately, when the player is playing something else, like Vlad from the Vampire Counts, and the AI is playing azagh, the faction bonus is not active. Indeed when you play as a vampire count and you want to do diplomacy with azagh, no bonus linked to his faction bonus is present which prevents any link from being created. (For a faction made to get along or at least tolerate each other, it's a shame)
I leave you attached a link with the bonus when the player embodies Azagh, and another without the bonus when the player embodies a vampire:

-Azagh as a player:

-Azagh as AI:

As you can see, the +40 bonus is not present when the AI is playing Azagh. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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