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Guide for the Visigoths ?

Constantius04Constantius04 Registered Users Posts: 1
As the title says I need help for what to do as the Visigoths I'm decently new to the game but I'm not sure what to exactly do as the Visigoths like should I Take Thessaloniki first, and sack Corinth to get my Mission done or should I Immediately shoot for the west, and try my luck ?


  • chainsawdd#9659chainsawdd#9659 Registered Users Posts: 198
    edited August 29
    You'd better sack as many cities as possible in the realm of Eastern Roman Empire, but take no city. If Western Empire declares the war on you, sack theirs too. When you sacking cities on your way, moving carefully to the west. I settled in Arles. You can move further to Spain if you like.
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