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Several Visual Bugs When Loading Battles

CUChalkCUChalk Registered Users Posts: 2
This started as soon as I did the IE update.

My specs:

Graphics: intel iris xe
Processor: Intel core i7
Windows 11

Loading battles takes a good minute longer, which I can live with, but once the battles load I almost always have a visual issue of some kind (see pictures). One time it was just a solid black screen saying start battle. The other it loaded the battle and I could do everything as normal, but this giant blue cylinder was just constantly there on the screen no matter how I rotated or moved around. Didn't get a screen shot but while playing a multiplayer IE campaign, we went into a battle in the plaguemaster's realm and the ground was mostly green with random patches of that same blue color throughout. I sent a snapchat to my buddies and asked if they were seeing the same thing, but it was just me.

I'm on the lowest graphics settings fwiw.

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  • KoalaTartareKoalaTartare Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited August 27
    Same issue with same graphics card on my laptop, I have a i5 processor. Is this an integrated graphics card issue ? I've tried my laptop's manufacturer's graphics driver and Intel's and both did nothing. I verified game files twice. I even double checked in other game and I have zero issues. CA please help :neutral:
  • KoalaTartareKoalaTartare Registered Users Posts: 2
    Are they always this slow to respond ?
  • mdgh1991mdgh1991 Registered Users Posts: 518
    edited August 28
    Same here. Texture stretching issue since IE patch.

    I have integrated gpu as well. Intel UHD 630.
  • dargor88dargor88 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4
    Same issues with Intel Iris Xe, i7-1165G7
  • CUChalkCUChalk Registered Users Posts: 2
    I've discovered that the black screen is perfectly normal. Just hit start battle and it's fine. This only happens on Quest battles. I feel dumb...

    The blue screen glitches seem to have stopped for me, but that may be because I haven't done anything in multiplayer in a few days. Single player seems to be running fine.

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