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Ai Bias isnt fixed - Factions constantly declaring war for no reason

StarPhishPrimeStarPhishPrime Registered Users Posts: 18
IDK what you think you've done making the Ai less biased but it isn't enough lol. I have factions from across the map i've never met and have a positive rating with declaring war on me for no reason (they have no condemnations). Factions from warhammer 2 and 1 didn't do this... its awful. It doesnt even make logical sense that if you havent met someone why would you declare war on them?

The other thing is consistency. They all CONSISTENTLY do it. It seems as you expand and the fog of war recedes, as soon as some random faction sees you they just declare war, even if you have a positive rating (i had a lizardmen faction in Antarctica do this to me from across the map when i had NEVER met them before and my rating was +14 due to some perk i had with other lizardmen factions or something). I guess the idea is to keep a constant stream of enemies? But that isnt the point of a grand strategy sandbox... you're supposed to have organic diplomatic relationships (why have diplomacy options otherwise?)
You seem to have missed the point entirely of your own game. Stop putting weighted priorities into the Ai logic of the game, you've already been griped at so much for it you attempted to REMOVE all the weighted priorities you put in, and you didn't even do that right LOL.

Please fix as this breaks immersion and detracts from everyone's enjoyment of the game.
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  • Delusionist#2224Delusionist#2224 Registered Users Posts: 126
    I agree. I've complained about low AI aggression before. It's really funny, though. The AI may be less aggressive, but they still walked past 2 undefended dwarf settlements and 2 full stack dwarf armies (those didn't care, either) just to attack my settlements. The AI really doesn't like fair fights, but still likes to only target the player if the player ever shows a weakness. It, however, doesn't care about the AI showing weakness.
  • StarPhishPrimeStarPhishPrime Registered Users Posts: 18
    edited August 29
    Yes inter Ai interactions are subserviant to anti-player bias 100% agree. Some factions (like Grimgor Ironhide, Skarbrand, Kholek Sun-Eater) should declare war on everyone they meet however this should not extend to every other faction in the game
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