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Technology Trees for chaos gods need some update!

zhijuncai521#9064zhijuncai521#9064 Registered Users Posts: 35
Immortal Empires brings so many new units, new climates and new races for chaos gods, while their technology trees remain the same. The chaos gods have the fewest technologies even in the base game. When playing as chaos gods, you may have finished all the research even in the mid-game. So please, add some new technologies for them!

There are lots of ideas for the new technologies of chaos gods, such as some buff for new units, new climate adaption, and new vs technologies. Adding new technologies will add much more fun in the late game!
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  • zhijuncai521#9064zhijuncai521#9064 Registered Users Posts: 35
    The personal skills of chaos gods also need some update, but I think the technology trees should go first.
    The vampires are now op in Immortal Empires thanks to their update. It is struggling for Nurgle to fight against them. Chaos gods also need some love!
  • zhijuncai521#9064zhijuncai521#9064 Registered Users Posts: 35
    The technology trees for chaos are so short and weak comparing to other factions, especially the old factions such as Dwarf, Vampire and Lizard! :'(
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