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Changing your faction capital - Karak 8 Peaks

Mjr_Issues#8129Mjr_Issues#8129 Registered Users Posts: 1
So, we have all been there. Be we Belegar, Queek or Skarsnik, we fought hard to secure our place at the top of the thunderbowl that is Karak-8-Peaks and reclaim our rightful home.
However, now that we have secured this glorious new (or old) gem in our crown, we have an issue - it's like any other settlement, just with a few special buildings. Our capital remains where it started - be it Mount Gunbad, Misty Mountain or Zarakzil), robbing our sense of accomplishment.

Proposal: When any of the 3 factions (Clan Angrund, Crooked Moon and Clan Mors) capture K8P, it automatically gets changed to the capital of their holdings.

Rationale: As it is, all of the above factions get some nice buildings at K8P, and their game-changing faction-wide perk for owning K8P, but their capital city doesn't change, and it remains what it started.
This makes relatively little sense from a lore point of view - all of the leaders would want their throne moved to their rightful new home, the jewel in their crown. Having K8P changed to become their capital (after they secured it) would make it feel like the "new core" of your empire, rather than just another city.

Impact on gameplay: Admittedly, pretty minor. As it is, you can abandon all of your settlements other than K8P to make it your defacto capital, but the second you reclaim your "original" capital, it loses its title. This is more of a "polish" suggestion, to make players feel a bit more satisfied
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This is something we intend to investigate further.


  • CaptainTalkingCaptainTalking Registered Users Posts: 50
    I completely agree with you that this topic should be adressed. I would like for those races to get an event where they can decide whether they want to have the city as their new capital. You then could copy that system for other races, too. Maybe for Oxyotl if the returns to Pahuax.
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