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Greenskins-Grom : Crash when merging waaagh unit

first of all : Thanks for the great job on IE and RoC, i'm really having good time ; after this, forgive my approximative English.

i'm playing Grom the paunch, Immortal Empire campaign.
i called a waaagh on round 14, i'm round 24.
The game crashes everytime i try to merge units of the waaagh (cf image).
This is the frist time i play greenskin, so i don't know if this merge should be possible.

Details :
Build : v2.0.0 Build 15717.2658933
save : attached file
steps : select Grom on the campaign map -> go to the waaag army view -> select the 3 fisrt spear gobelins (31, 32, and 34 pieces) -> merge selected units (see the image "
" attached)
crash report : attached file
modified log : attached file

Again, thanks for the great Works everyone !
Best regards


  • geomike#1373geomike#1373 Registered Users Posts: 2
    As of 24 Sep 2022, patch 2.1.1, same crash happens with Grimgor.

    If developers don't want merging or can't fix this, perhaps they can remove that button to prevent the crash? Though I would prefer just being able to merge understrength Waaagh units.

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