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Some Units Feel Too Big

TheImperialWar#5677TheImperialWar#5677 Registered Users Posts: 46
some units feel too big currently, out of line with what you would expect.

khorne crushers/demi/stags and toads feel like they should be size 16 at most, similar to war bears, minotaur and dragon ogres. also does it not seem strange to anyone else that war bears are half the size of crusher units?

flying cav such as pegasus, longma and doom knights feel like they should be size 12, looks and feels awkward at 24. most other similar sized flyers are between 10-16 and it feels a lot more natural and in line with what you would expect.

hippo knights feel like they should be size 4 as if you had a pack of lords, 8 of such large units is really awkward. would be the same unit size as gyros.

on the other hand, cav in general look fine at 60 but controlling and cycle charging such a large number of models is a pain. they get stuck too easily and don't feel smooth to maneuver especially in large armies and settlement battles. maybe consider reducing them to 40 to help with usability? others such as blood/chaos/grail knights and horned ones could be reduced to 24 for lore reasons.

from a lore perspective units like saurus, chosen and sword masters feel like they should be size 60, but they don't look or feel awkward to use like the rest.

what are your thoughts?


  • Kayosiv#7489Kayosiv#7489 Registered Users Posts: 2,875
    Ever since blood knights and grail knights in game 1 had the same number of models as every other knight unit this has been true. Further confusing the matter is that there have been units of small elite cavalry such as the Swords of Chaos or all cold one knights being a smaller model count.

    This was never reconciled and continues to be totally nonsensical tot his day.

    Needless to say, I completely agree.
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  • mightygloin#2446mightygloin#2446 Registered Users Posts: 6,275
    Balancing is so inconsistent as usual.
  • Pocman#6295Pocman#6295 Registered Users Posts: 5,906
    Play on large then
  • Pocman#6295Pocman#6295 Registered Users Posts: 5,906
    Monster cavalry sucks, and sucks for a reason: lack of models.

    Blood or grail knights would suck ass if their numbers were reduced.
  • Bloodydagger#9716Bloodydagger#9716 Registered Users Posts: 4,967
    That's what she said
  • TheImperialWar#5677TheImperialWar#5677 Registered Users Posts: 46
    edited August 2022
    warbears and ogre cav compete just fine with crushers and demi despite being smaller, you can make units strong or weak regardless of their unit size. demi in game 1 were among the best cav despite being even smaller than they are now.

    when units suck, buff them. change the numbers till they are balanced and perform as you expect.

    if you feel that certain small units are too weak and suck ass, make a list and ask ca to investigate.
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