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Lizardmen Diplomacy issues

Strikerz666#4271Strikerz666#4271 Registered Users Posts: 3
Build v2.0.0

I feel like there is an issue with the Cold Blooded diplomatic trait with the Lizards, the other Lizardman faction at refusing any form of agreements unless they bring it to me and this is with my faction being strength rank 1 and having 20+ relations with them very high reliability and no minuses in relations be sides a -5 for be so powerful, also a faction that was almost destroyed (1 army, 1 settlement) refusing a defensive or military alliance.
Also affinity in relationships is gone so there is nothing to start building relations with the other Lizards and combine that with the Cold Blooded issue makes it beyond difficult to build any kind of relations with them without spending 10s of thousands of gold to buy it.

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