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Warriors of chaos Nurgle aligned factions themed garrisons and defences

steam_164508823088vhQG6AOsteam_164508823088vhQG6AO Registered Users Posts: 2
Iam currently enjoying my Festus campaign in IE beta at the moment, but there are some things that have room for improvement when it comes to the garrisons and defences.

In my opinion the Dark fortress garrisons and the outposts should have nurgle marked units per default (or who knows can be upgraded to be marked units, this would increase the strength of said garrisons and outposts).

All defensive buildings like blockers, monuments and towers should be nurgle themed as well.

I understand that the trolls cant be marked at the moment, this is most like due to CA having thoughts of adding them to a Tamurkhan themed DLC in the future (bile trolls, Plague giants etc).

Happy IE gaming everyone!

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