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Lizardman Start setup

Build v2.0.0

Both Kroq-Gar and Tehenhauin need a improved starts. Kroq-gar start with 8 units and Tehenhauin starts with 9 plus hero outside the army for both of them, but they are both directed to attack a capital settlement with wall, it can be won but will either be costly even wait the minim turns to win or a bunch of turn will be wasted build up force since lizard only start being able to train 2 units at a time. Most of the other lizard start attacking a minor settlement but start of with as many or more units then them (except Nakai).

Kroq-Gar start need a change too, with his new buffs to Saurus Scar-Veteran now he should start of with one instead of a Skink Priest.

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