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Greenskin lords growing physically

myople3myople3 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited August 2022 in Campaign Ideas
Kholek has a mechanic whereby he grows larger and stronger which each faction he vassalizes. Greenskins are well known to grow larger and stronger in battle and elevating their position in greenskin society.

Would it be possible to add a similar system to Grimgor, or greenskin lords at large? Perhaps a greenskin growing larger for every 10 battles he wins?
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  • Kayosiv#7489Kayosiv#7489 Registered Users Posts: 2,852
    myople3 said:

    Kholek has a mechanic whereby he grows larger and stronger which each faction he vassalizes.

    HE DOES? That's amazing.

    Greenskins growing larger is more of an explicit 40k thing. Also on that point, being larger when you're infantry is actually bad. Maybe they could get health increases to go with this increased size though. I wonder how big they could get before their animations started breaking / looking silly when fighting.
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  • Guttrench#8929Guttrench#8929 Registered Users Posts: 158
    They could probably do a trait bar? Like attacker how it keeps going up after so many attacks and adds a buff? This could add a % of health, mass, and possibly another bonus like + leadership to represent him becoming bigger and badder so people listen better?
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