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IE really needs intros from the advisor.

Timo4545#8954Timo4545#8954 Registered Users Posts: 20
Getting one generic sentence like "unleash the power of undeath" rather than an intro explaining the early game from our favorite crazy blind bird man is a serious downgrade.

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  • Zaco#4894Zaco#4894 Registered Users Posts: 39
    I think the current lines are just placeholders at the moment.
  • AverathAverath Registered Users Posts: 88
    While I definitely understand the desire to return to the intros we're used to, this new system likely allows for a lot more flexibility when it comes to placing lords. It likely takes a lot of work to fully customize an intro to a faction, and most of the time I skip through these intros because I've heard them dozens of times, if not hundreds of times, and it's just a waste of time.

    I honestly really love the shorter intros, because it lets us get right to the game. Most of the information we would be told is easily available as your victory conditions, anyway.

    I feel it's better to keep it the way it is, and just have the RoC map be fully customized.
  • Acerbissimus#3919Acerbissimus#3919 Registered Users Posts: 8
    I don't think we necessarily need the same style of intro flyover from the advisor, as much as I enjoyed it, if the drawbacks are too much.

    But, I feel like it really helped to get me immersed into a new campaign: setting up who I was and where I was in the world. If they can achieve a similar effect in a more location-agnostic way, I think I would be happy.
  • CaptainTalkingCaptainTalking Registered Users Posts: 50
    I really do hope that they are just placeholders. I loved the advisor and I hope we get him back. In many cases I feel like CA is leaving out some really cool stuff from the previous games. It's laborius, yes, but it's so cool and it feels Very immersive.
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