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Repanse de Lyonesse: First Quest battle can't be finished

Hi, I'm currently playing Chevaliers de Lyonesse in Immortal Empires campaign on v2.0.0 15717.2658933 and have a problem with the first quest battle where you have to help three dwarf armies defending against the Tomb Kings. There seems to be a bug because there are in fact only two dwarf armies on the battlefield. On the battle map at the pre-battle loading screen there are only two dwarf and tomb kings symbols but three three red and three blue zones:

When the battle starts there's one dwarf army fighting a tomb kings army on the left side but only one tomb kings army on the top and one dwarf army on the right side. So it seems like there's one dwarf army and one tomb kings army not coming to the battlefield.

After I killed all of the tomb kings, the objectives on the upper left corner are ticked all at once but there's no victory screen coming up, so I can't finish the battle. Nothing's happening after that. Just some dwarf units running around randomly... So I can just wait until the time's up and lose.

I restartet the battle multiple times but it's always the same issue. I also tried to use a smaller army because I thought there may be too many units on the battlefield but that didn't help. When I start the quest battle from the main menu with a predefined army there's no such issue. I attached my Savefile where I'm on the quest-battle screen.
I hope somebody can help me. Thanks in advance,


  • deathbydigredeathbydigre Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited August 31
    yeah this quest is bugged for me aswell i think its because one of the 3 dwarf armies do not spawn so it fails to check if the third army is alive at the end since keeping the 3 dwarf armies alive is a objective.
    i have done this twice and got the same results of i killed all the tomb kings all objectives get checked off but nothing happens at the end apart from not ending the mission.
    and i just happend to notice this one in the battle results

    there seems to be 1 tomb king and 1 dwarf army not present in the battle can only guese these are the reasons for the objective not completing properly. there is also in the objective of hte mission 1 extra dwarf army that is not present to keep alive.
  • vmntvmnt Registered Users Posts: 1
    Yep, same here. Agreed there were only 2 dwarf lords. Mission didn't end.

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