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Known IssueBloated Corpses instantly explode and kill your own units upon spawning into the field

YurdleTheTurtleYurdleTheTurtle Registered Users Posts: 2
Bug / big oversight:

Tested/occurred in Immortal Empires multiplayer, though fairly certain will happen anywhere.

Vampire Coast Bloated Corpse units auto explode at low health. Normally this might be intended, but it has an unfair and unintentional side effect of killing your own units if a battle starts with injured Bloated Corpses.

Basically, after deployment screen and hitting "start battle", the BC's instantly explode.

If they are part of a reinforcing army, the effect is worse and completely has no way around it (no 'counterplay' so to speak). Upon entering the map, they instantly explode, causing massive damage to your own tightly packed units that also just started streaming into the map proper.

This makes Bloated Corpses very punishing to yourself and thus discouraging anyone from ever using them. It means unless they are fully healed, any BCs are a threat to your own army and if you get attacked or they're part of reinforcements, they're going to kill your own army at the beginning of any battle. Basically the only thing to do at the moment is never use them, or never auto resolve a single battle, or never ever get attacked.

Assuming auto-explosion at low health is on purpose, an easy check and solution to this is add in the requirement of also taking damage while at low health. By adding this condition, any BCs that spawn injured will not automatically wipe out your army, but they will still explode if a single pebble is thrown their way.
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  • Mirkk#8573Mirkk#8573 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Witnessed this while playing Co-Op in Immortal Empires for Warhammer 3. This is certainly a bug or should be handled as one as it's a poor user experience for these battles and makes the unit fairly unusable.

    This could use some attention in the near future.
  • CA_Dimitar#6718CA_Dimitar#6718 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Posts: 1,002
    Hey @YurdleTheTurtle ,

    Thanks for detailed report. We already know about this issue and it's being investigated.

  • TobyMuerto#3853TobyMuerto#3853 Registered Users Posts: 1
    This bug is still happening even after the latest patch (V2.3.0). It's occurring in my single player campaign during an ambush (my successful ambush on the enemy). My 3 BCs all have full health too. I hadn't had any problems before this specific battle.
  • KangarooFlu#8484KangarooFlu#8484 Registered Users Posts: 4
    This is also happening to me on patch 2.3.0. Playing as the Drowned (Cylostra Direfin), bloated corpses explode immediately upon clicking "start battle", even when at full health. They also explode immediately upon entering the battlefield as reinforcements.

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