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My personal feedback for IE

Not sure where to put this but just wanted to add some personal feedback and thoughts for the game. Some are things I think could make it better for players. and others are suggestions

1. A feel like Be'lakor should be listed under Daemons of Chaos not Warriors of Chaos. (seeing how he is a Daemon)

2. For vampire Coast (Count Noctilus) The Galleon's Graveyard should be moved south and east a little to be more in the ocean. Right now it is so close to the high elf island. It takes forever to get to Vampire Coast and Araby. but the High elves (who aren't friendly) are only 2 turns at most away from you. (I have played a few games and each time it seems the high elves just go take it cause it is so close) It would be nice to have it the same distance Lothern, Estalia, Land of Assassins, and Vampire coast.

3. It would be nice to have a toggle option to turn off confederations in the same (for both Players and AI) The AI confederations cause one empire to become so large without having to work for it. And when it happens to a faction you are about to wipe out and then they confederation now you have to take out more cities and it being a Chore. It would be a fun experience to be able to turn off confederations (some players would want to turn off only for AI and some would like to turn off for everyone to were even they couldn't confederation if they wanted that for sandbox story reasons)

Again this is just my opinion and some people may agree and some people may not. But so far being able to customize your sandbox with the toggles (like the end game stuff) has been great. I hope we see more of this to allow players to customize their IE the way they want sense everyone has a different play style!

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