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World map art style please change at least some parts.

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I really don't know who had the idea to change it.
Please change at least the trees. They are now so awful.

And corruption is only a shadow of it's former self. Trees only change color and don't wither anymore. I guess it was a cost thing? Because there are now a lot of corruptions.
But for me a cost thing too.
I haven't bought the game yet because I really really don't like the comic style trees on the world map. The game looks now like a patchwork if you compare the battle maps and the world map.
But who am I. I guess you made a lot of money with game 3 and who am I (one person doesn't matter right?) But if you could change at least the trees I would really appreciate it.

I wrote this because I really like the TWW games and I'm a fan of your games this is no hate post. I'm only a disappointed of a change in art style that's breaking TWW3 for me.
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