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More foliage models for the campaign map

Wood_Sprite#1284Wood_Sprite#1284 Registered Users Posts: 312
First of all, the map looks absolutely beautiful. Major props to the team for this! :smile:

Coming to my point: As far as I can tell, there are 5 types of tree models present on the map.

1. Regular coniferous tree - the ones in Empire
2. Regular deciduous tree - the ones in Athel Loren
3. Palm tree - Jungles
4. Bamboo (I think?) - Cathay
5. Scrub tree - Badlands

On the campaign map we mostly see two models of trees (coniferous and deciduous), and some recolors of the same models when in specific regions or under corruption. This is is not the best representation of the biodiversity in an entire world imo, and we would like to see a bit more diversity.

Ideally, it would be cool to see these in addition to what we have:

1. New Magical trees for Wood elf regions.
2. New Corrupted trees for chaos corruption.
3. New tree models for Ulthuan - the paradise island has been set back in terms of beauty since Cathay's appearance, and I think unique foliage will help a lot in making it feel uniquely beautiful again.
4. Mangroves for marshes and sea shores - especially cool for Vampire coast.

I'm sure others here can come up with more ideas for this, hopefully they will do so in the comments.
My optimistic predictions:

RoC map will get expanded.
Ind and Khuresh will get added to the game.
CA will support the game for more than 5 years.

- https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/320355/more-foliage-models-for-the-campaign-map
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