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Lizardmen Buildings,

AknorAknor Registered Users Posts: 3
In Warhammer 2/ME you could build the Weapon-Crafter's Commune and the Star chamber in any of the cities in a province. In Immortal Empires you can only build those 2 buildings in the Province Capital. Is this Intended?


  • AknorAknor Registered Users Posts: 3
    Looking through the update the lizardman buildings Weapon-Crafter's Commune and the Star chamber can still only be built in province capitals.

    Is this intentional?
  • adaliabooks#8607adaliabooks#8607 Registered Users Posts: 62
    I'd assume so with the Star Chamber, even with only building it in province capitals my Slann and heroes were being recruited at level 40, if you could build it everywhere I think it would be far too powerful.

    The Weapon-Crafter would be nice to be able to build in minor settlements as it doesn't really provide that much of a benefit, and the Lizardmen are a bit short of buildings that make sense to put in minor settlements (one's that don't have a fourth or fifth tier)
  • Delusionist#2224Delusionist#2224 Registered Users Posts: 126
    Yeah, I agree. The Star Chamber is okay (and loreful) as an only province capital building. But the weapons craft commune would be nice in minor settlements, as lizardmen are really starved for stuff to put there
  • AknorAknor Registered Users Posts: 3
    Then they need to remove the Star chamber and roll it into one of the higher Tier Advanced military buildings as the Lizardmen are extremely limited into what their Province capitals can have, more so than any other Race.

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