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Wood elves IE bugs/opinion

TusCannyTusCanny Registered Users Posts: 3
Campaign difficulty setting very hard, battles normal
Beat it in 145 turns
Treasury almost 800k with -1545 income per turn
14 fielded armies
33 provinces owned, 123 settlements owned.
(In the process of donating some settlements back to their rightful owners heheh)

Wood elves/Heralds Of Ariel bugs

Orion's character skill tree is coloured red (oh no the horror)
Some auto fire toggles are ignored, they keep shooting. Happened with way walkers, hawk riders, the twins, (and marauders throwing axes in the Norsca faction)
The twins suddenly stop talking upon ticking the confirm box when gaining a piece of gear from Daiths forge
No way to preview the unique traits when recruiting branchwraiths
All the tree settlement defence/assault maps are the same - The large swathes of trees on those maps do not contain the forest terrain element in order to buff wood elves etc
White spots appearing on some wood elf maps due to incorrect lightning on the totems - I believe - Unless having glowing balls Christmas decorations for wood elves is a desired effect
Some types lords can be assigned to the office of Glamourweaver of Loec, despite being unable to use loecs blessing
Confederating with Bowmen of Oreon is not only incredibly easy and wonky (you need to declare war on them and you can just attack a minor settlement they conquered, which the game considers as a fight vs the faction giving instant confederation), it also causes their faction lord to die.
Tree defence incursions trigger major diplomatic consequences, even destroyed factions like Wargrove of Woe cause their old allies to dislike my actions.
old wh2 bug, sometimes naestra and arahan shoot themselves
While some capitals like castle drakenhof have 2 slots for buildings, others like khemri or Naggarond do not. couldn't find a reason for it.
More of a request(?) Glade guard captains projectiles are terribly inaccurate despite it being a single bolt with a fairly average rate of fire and damage.

Bugs that also happened with other factions

Some factions are unable to be diplomatically communicated with, not lore based denial of diplomatic interaction. They also don't function as a faction, like building or anything. I believe they become ghosts after a rebellion to take back their lands.
While unable to go into ambush stance close to another army or settlement, movement while in said stance allows the player to go real close. Also AI does not seem limited where to set up an ambush.

On a rare occasion a settlement garrison was required to provide battle support for an allied fight vs another faction, auto-resolving that into a defeat froze the progress of AI taking turns. Reloaded 3 times into the issue, cheesing it and raising a highly ranked lord in the settlement caused the enemy to not attack so at least in my campaign the turns progressed without any more issues.

Sometimes merging armies seems impossible, even though it should be. Yes, I did go through the event queues.
Old bug, sometimes changing to march stance from normal stance locks the lord into it for the current turn.
Old bug: some diplomatic voiced flavour approaches are extremely hostile while actually negotiating something positive - or the other way around.


Wood Elves
Battle for Athel Loren only yields some coin.
The encounter in the woods events trigger too severe diplomatic penalties as opposed to some fleeting benefits.
A more intense show of wood elf domination on owned regions/provinces or any faction impacting regions would make it legendary to me. I am already loving the cleansed look of Sylvania and Albion.

Any faction

Ability to auto assign skill-points to a specific tree, or set up a level-up path like in research.
Lords gain immortal trait too easily.
impacting lord/hero/unit recruit rank is far too easy.
far too many auto resolves end with a victory.
most likely over-requested but confederated lords should allow reassigning their skill points.
unpopular opinion? the queue for campaign commands should put agents before army movement to allow more forgetful players to move scouts around or add them to an army.
Ongoing siege notifications in case the player doesn't handle them right away or in the same playing session (aka more for forgetful players) .
Game wide global settings for campaign camera settings instead of having to change them every time I need to restart or play another faction. I usually make a hard save at turn 2 after having set all of it to work around that issue for the same subfaction at least.
the fights ensuing from interacting with a treasure island are always the same, there used to be more diverse and difficult encounters.
perhaps there could be a range setting for campaign camera, so unimportant campaign events revealed by allies somewhere far away aren't shown. Would def speed up the turns while still displaying useful information!
attrition from sieges should start after one turn has passed.
factions should have some sort of a campaign buff when they have been ambushed once lasting a turn or 2 increasing ambush defence chance. Oh the cheese.
auto repair building turn duration should be shown.
storm effects on sea are barely visible sometimes.

Amusing petition to make Ellendeling a unique character name for the lord of laurelorn forest, would be even better if it was the lord of the forest of gloom but that can't happen.
Amusing petition for acorn - explosive berries projectiles from settlement defence towers, make the towers trees!

All of my reports are done without mods(though having used quite a few in WH2) and with a ton of experience in the games!
I also have a lot of love for the game (otherwise I wouldn't have written this), don't mistake the reports as rants!

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