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Immortal Empires Bug and Suggestions

polatgeyikpolatgeyik TurkeyRegistered Users Posts: 13
-Feedback 1 : In the 2.0 patch notes it says: ''We’ve rebalanced Confederation, so it’s harder to confederate minor factions but easier to confederate major ones.'' But me and my friends didn't see anything changed. Confederation is very difficult. And pls add confederation for Tomb Kings. Arkhan and Setra may not be able to confederate between them. But Khatep and Khalida should be able to form a confederation with Setra.

-Feedback 2 : The city of Altdorf does not have a garrison building. Since the main settlement does not have a special garrison chain as before, the garrison remains very weak. I guess you forgot to add garrison building to Altdorf unlike other big settlements.

-Feedback 3 : From time to time, interesting units are spammed into my army, (unaware of me..)

-Feedback 4 : After assassinating a character, the icon of the injured character is displayed incorrectly.

(Finally, it is worth noting that I do not use any mod)

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