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Transfer Settlement Functionality - Feedback

V2.0.0 Build 15719.2658933

Testing for observed behavior was performed with Empire - Karl Franz, Dwarves - Belegar Ironhammer & Dark Elves - Lokhir Fellheart with a couple of saves. These can be provided if needed.


Issue - Description for functionality doesn't accurately convey observed limitations for settlement transfer
Note: In-game wiki does not cover full functionality or limitations.

Requested change:
Reword the "Transfer Settlement" description (diplomacy action) & add an additional "?" tooltip (for further details) to more accurately convey functionality & it's limitations.

Please re-word any of the below suggestions as required.
Note: Advise adding some of the additional limitations/requirements to in-game wiki record.

Current wording:
"Factions can only offer regions located in a province where the potential recipient already owns a region or owns a region adjacent to the province with the area under offer."

Example rewording:
"Factions may trade regions with other factions. A settlement will be tradable when there is a valid land border or region-link with an owned region or province. Please see the ? tooltip for additional details."

? tool tip should contain the following notes that cover the following observed limitations & a link to the wiki article.
(examples are optional)

1. Racial/Faction Capitals are not valid to trade.
2. An adjacent region land border is required to transfer regions to or from adjacent Provinces.
3. Owning a region within a province will allow the transfer of non-adjacent province regions & the bordering regions of adjacent provinces.

4. Sea fords/Land Bridges are not a valid border unless a valid Land border is present.
Example valid ford border: Altdorf land borders with Carroburg or Kemperbad
Example invalid ford border: Nongchang & Zhanshi

Note: Many -> all of the revised IE Land bridges appear to remove provincial land borders compared to the Empire land bridges (old?) - should this be raised as an issue separately?

5. Impassable border mountains are not a valid land border.
Example invalid border: Zarakzil -> Riffraffa
Example valid border: Zarakzil -> Verdanos

(Images can be supplied if required for examples 4 & 5)

Steps to replicate odd transfer behavior in point 4:
1. Own settlement with a Land bridge but no regional land border (example: Nongchang <-> Zangshi)
2. Attempt to transfer settlement with other faction.
Example: Attempt to transfer Nongchang -> The Jade Custodians.

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