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Greenskins suggestions

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First of all I should warn you, that English is not my first language, so it maybe will be hard to read.

In a life-cycle of WH2 Greenskins get pretty good rework and dlc. But here and there we can see some small oversights, features (or bugs) witch can be looked upon. I will break my suggestions and observations in to categories. So let’s start.

1. Calling a Waagh should not remove all bonus movement your armies have. I can understand why it so in a current build (lead a big waagh is harder, then just a mob). But it’s not stated in game, and seems like an oversight. Even if you choose not to fix it, please write it somewhere. There should not be hidden modifiers.
2. Consider removing division of Greenskins species. Technology and buffs for orc should also benefit savage orcs, and vice versa. Same for goblins and night goblins, heck I even think technology/buffs for goblins should also buff Squig Hoppers, Wolf Riders and Spider Riders.
3. Skarsnik have a theme of his waagh (in battles) revolves around buffing range damage output, but bar to activate Waaagh fills only from melee damage. It seems odd because player incentivized to bring armies full of melee units (to activate Waaagh faster) and because of this Skarsnik waaah can't be used fully. Maybe change mechanic, so the bar can be filled even with ranged weapon (and artillery) but not as fast, as in melee (half or even quarter speed)

Seems like Greenskins need a shake up for some recruitment buildings.

2. Consider divide barracks for orc and goblins. And then merge “Boar penz” into orcs one, and “Squig Cages” into goblin one. This way player will have new ways to play from the start of the campaign. So it would look like this:
T1 Goblin barracks – Can recruit Night goblins and Night goblin Archers (let’s be honest, there are not t3-t4 units, and never been)
T2 Goblin barracks – Can recruit Nasty Skulkers, Squig Herd, Goblin Big boss (+recruitment)
T3 Goblin barracks – Can recruit Fanatics and Night Goblin Squig Hoppers, Goblin Big boss (+capacity +hero recruit rank)

T1 Orc barracks – Orc Boyz and Orc Arrer Boyz
T2 Orc barracks – Orc Boar boyz
T3 Orc barracks – Orc Big ‘Uns, Orc Boar Boy Big ‘Uns, Black Orc Big Bos (+capacity +recruitment)
T4 Orc barracks – Black Orcs, Black Orc Big Bos (+hero recruit rank)

2. Tinkerer building chain after rework should give player a scrap per turn instead (or in addition) of research rate. +2 on t1, +3 on t3 and +5 on t4.
3. Monsters building chain on t3 give “-1 turn for standard Trolls (minimum 1)”, maybe consider giving t4 an “-1 turn for all Trolls (minimum 1)”

1. As I say in General section – make it so there is no division between orc spices and goblin species.
2. Add to some technology that buff goblin-archers a range buff. So they can shoot from 140 range (which is already below average).
3. Add some more buffs for cavalry, chariots, spiders, squigs, trolls.

Lords and Heroes
1. Goblin Great Shaman (GGS) should not have “Nastier squigs” skill. Instead he should have similar skill that buff spiders-units and arachnorok spiders.
2. Add GGS small yellow line consist of 3-4 skills that further buff goblins and spiders, and also makes him a better caster.
3. Night goblin warboss (NGS) and Skarsnik should have a stalking stance. They are a sneaky gits after all.
4. NGS should have a small yellow line that further buff they ability to sneaky attacks. (Ambush chance, AP-damage for army, stalk for army and other sneaky things you can think off)
5. Orc Warboss (OW) should have his own yellow line that further buff orcs, big’uns, their boar variants and orc boar chariot.
6. OW can benefit from having more mount options. Maybe add an orc boar chariot? It’s just feels strange having a boar on level 4 and then nothing for 14 levels.
7. Goblin big boss, should have similar treatment as Black Orc Big Boss. (again adding a yellow line)
8. Goblin and Orc shamans need a yellow line as all others. Buffing there magic or melee capabilities, or even some army-wide buffs.


1. Grimgor “Vitamin-Shrooms” seems good for WH1 skill, but really lack when compared to some WH2 and WH3 skills that gives some more thing along with HP.
2. Grimgor “From the Front” also not a good skill. Consider buffing it with some more effects, or even replace it with ability to restore army move-points after the battle (like taurox or skarbrand can, but not as strong).
3. ‘Ard as Nailz skill has only 1 buff for pump wagon units (Armour). All other skills have 2 buffs for a unit. Consider adding 1 more effect that buff pump-wagons, maybe MA or WS
4. There should not be Leadership buffs in veteran skills. Veteran skills is already need a rank 7 to activate. By the point when unit hits rank 7 it will already has a good leadership buff just from ranks (even for goblins on rank 7 it’s a +7 leadership buff). So a skill “Sneaky Stabberz” need minor re-balance, remove leadership buff and add MA or MD.
5. There is no buff for archers in veteran skills area. Consider adding Reload Time Reduction or Missile strength to “Sneaky Stabbersz” and “’Ard Ladz”
6. Blue-line skills “Raider”, “Looter” and “Ravager” should be merged in one. (like dark elves “Infamous Raider”). And then 2 new skills should be added.
7. Grimgor and Azhag need 4 point in there unique skill line to unlock the final one. Most lords only need 2.
8. Grimgor "Bigger 'n' 'Arder" should buff Black Orcs or Black Orcs Big Bosses and not Big 'uns.
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