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Coeddil unachievable and battle pilgrims unavailable

Drycha's mission to free Coeddil is broken. The waystones are unbreakable, making it impossible to gain reinforcements. Coeddil is already free from the start of the mission. Upon completion of the mission Coeddil is not unlocked.

Drycha is also missing all her Malevolent units in multiplayer. Also I don't know if this is intentional or not but all lord unique rosters are locked behind unit cap in multiplayer. This is a big problem as unit cap also serves to stop players from spamming powerful single entities. Please give the factions their faction rosters again or make another tickbox that unlocks faction specific rosters.

Battle pilgrims for Bretonnia is also unavailable for recruitment in the campaign.

Drawing tools in multiplayer is still broken, allies can't see what you're drawing.

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