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Sea caravans

snnnffrknlin#6194snnnffrknlin#6194 Registered Users Posts: 145
Not originally my idea but, I couldn't find a post about it in the ideas page so here goes.

The Cathayan caravan system should be implemented for some factions when they have a harbor. Factions like Vampire Coast and Dark Elves could get bonus loot from defeating sea caravans instead of having access to them. This would bring more life to the seas.
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  • Guttrench#8929Guttrench#8929 Registered Users Posts: 115
    I like the idea of raiding caravans for money. It would definitely be nice to be able to send trade ships out and they could populate the seas a little more and bring some life to it since only we can use sea gates. Definitely need to be able to loot the money from it same as Cathayan caravans. That plus post battle loot will make them tempting targets. Plus it can add some fun little events too which I always enjoy.
  • Walkabout#1505Walkabout#1505 Member Registered Users Posts: 2,980
    Will also make life better for the Vamp Coast with being able to target these merchant fleets.
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  • The_Baron#4291The_Baron#4291 Registered Users Posts: 691
    Could certainly be nice for maybe mercantile factions to have a similar system, also will be much more interesting than the spam random navies and factions could earn from it even when not attacking those.
  • BeardmathBeardmath Registered Users Posts: 10
    I feel Norsca should also get a bonus for attacking sea caravans; merchant fleets?; would lend credence to them being pirates. I know the High Elves, Empire, Bretonnia, and Kislev are meant to have large merchant fleets. Would be interested if Cathay had them as well, but not sure if that would be too much.
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