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Vassals don't count towards campaign victory: Working as Intended?

MisterSurrealMisterSurreal Registered Users Posts: 36
So my first campaign with IE I chose N'kari, because I felt like slapping some Elves around. I've been having a great deal of fun with it, specifically focusing on vassalizing as many elf and empire factions as possible. I've managed to vassalize Malekith, Morathi, Helebron, Tyrion, Alarielle, and Durthu, as well as Franz and Gelt (plus a few Norscans I don't really care about).

The end game event was Orion's Wild Hunt, and Durthu owns all of Athel Loren after Orion was dispatched. The thing is, vassalized factions don't count as destroyed for the purposes of campaign victories. Their territory counts as mine, but if I want to trigger the victories, I will have to turn on my vassals one by one and wipe them out. After working so hard to get to this point in the first place, it feels pretty crappy. Is this an oversight?
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