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145 Turns worth of bugs and feedback on The Barrow Legion Campaign. With pictures :D

ThePeruvian01ThePeruvian01 Registered Users Posts: 1
EDIT: Attached the save file. Build Number is: v2.0.0 Build 15717.2658933

I've been playing one of my favorite factions for 145 turns. While I do have some mods installed, they are fairly minor and should have no effect on any of the reported bugs. Heres the list of the included mods in their load order:
  1. Disable startup splash screens / intros
  3. Speedy Turn Camera
  4. Better Camera Mod
  5. One Button Respec
  6. 25% increase in mobility in player territory
  7. Improved Item Fusion(2.0 IE Update)
  8. High Resolution UI Improvements
  9. More Character Names (UPDATED FOR IMMORTAL EMPIRES)
  10. Rotate All Lords and Heroes
  11. Show me the fatigue
  12. Recruit Defeated Legendary Lords [IM Beta]
  1. BUG: The Eager Fell Bats

    During an offensive walled settlement battle with Brettonia. Idk the map name but it's map with 3 wall sections (NW, South, NE) and the Victory point is in the middle of the map and elevated ground. I placed my bats in the vanguard deployment to the far east. The next battle was against Fort Bergbres, (the fort connecting Marienburg and Brettonia, west of helmgart/Karl Franz). And my bats started deployed slightly into the red zone. However, once I moved one of them, he was not allowed to move back out there.

  2. BUG: The Bat with Aerophobia

    The fell bats which I love to use so much in IE get stuck to the ground all the time. While it would've been better to have a video, we work with what we got. In this picture, you can see one single fellbat out of the group is seemingly floating just fine. But, no matter how many movement commands they receive, they will not move from this spot, even though there are no enemies attacking them. This will force the entire fell bats group to stay behind and not move anywhere else as they keep getting leashed back by the one.

  3. BUG: Where's d*mn my Medal?!?!

    The game refuses to recognize my short campaign victory. At this point, I've conquered, all of Brettonia, most of the empire, and the Orc Biggest Waagh spawned and has mostly been neutralized. The short campaign victory acknowledged my "30 settlements" condition and defeated angry Treebeard. But does not acknowledge me owning the 3 Brettonian Provinces required for the short victory. I have two theories as to why this happened.
    1) I kept the Red Duke as a defensive ally for most of the campaign, letting him him the capital of Bastone (one of the required provinced)
    2) I let the big waagh get triggered before I finally confedded the red duke and took over the final territory
    3) Perhaps getting the territory via confederation was a mistake?

  4. FEEDBACK (or bug?): Where's my money?

    When you fight multiple armies, the "return captives" post battle option. Only seems to includes the first army you fought against. This happened multiple times and it was quite discouraging :(. Especially the time I only had movement left to reach the smaller army out of the two.

  5. FEEDBACK/BUG?: This elevator is over capacity

    Unit Caps are confusing in the raise the dead pool. How come Some units go over the caps like zombies at 12/3. And why do graveguard here dont have a chance to replenish? I thought IE was getting rid of the "battlesite" and instead only need vampiric corruption (which I was on board for) But this here is just confusing.

  6. FEEDBACK: Useless point is useless

    This skillpoint in the Strigoi Bloodline is half useless and rather underwhelming since Crypt Horrors only take 1 turn to recruit in Immortal Empires

  7. FEEDBACK: No pets on campus policy

    Altdorf becomes a great city to make a "near perfect" recruitment province for Vampire Counts, as it fits every building. Except, the Forbidden library is replaced by the "Altdorf College of Forbidden Magic". Which is great, it performs the same function of the Forbidden Library but better. Except, the FL lets you recruit Terrorgheists and the college doesn't recognize my terrorgheists as a service animal

  8. FEEDBACK: Bad traits

    These skills here are underwhelming and/or useless.

    The terror skill is almost always a waste of a skill point, since most vampire lords will get a zombie dragon or a terrorgheist anyways (and now they get those for free too) which come prepackaged with terror anyways. I recommend: replacing it, adding a secondary effect, or maybe stacking the terror effects (which i think would be -26 leadership) seems high I guess.

    For a blue skill line on the second half it's really underwhelming. (correct me if I'm wrong on this part) I remember the skill used to be on the first half of the blue line, and it also increased the vampire hero capacity which was amazing. Doubly so, since you had to fight to make sure your corruption was the one to reign. Whereas in wh3, most of your territories will simply get 100 Vamp Corruption anyway and easily provide Public Control/order bonuses. I recommend: Giving it a secondary effect like -1 to 5 all other corruption. Or Increasing the rate at which Raise the dead Pool recovers just like the commandment in the warriors of chaos campaigns.

  9. FEEDBACK: ERROR: Skillpoint Overflow

    Necromancers have 8 leftover skillpoints at level 50. But I assume this is already well known since before IE even released

  10. FEEDBACK: Half immune to chaos

    The barrow legion comes with immunity to chaos undivided corruption and chaos wastes attrition. That's cool, but they still suffer from their negative trait of staying too long. And as far as I can tell, there is no reliable way to remove it. Can we at least get the ROC feature of removing negative traits while staying at a capital. And/or get immunity to the "Certifiable" Trait. Which is ridiculous to get in a faction "immune" to chaos attrition. I read in old forums that we can get it by staying in an uncorrupted region. But since I got no info from the game, Idk if it will work with Vamp corruption (which it should) or how long will it take. On a side note, just a way to remove negative traits should be something all factions have access to, not just Brettonia. Poor little Manfredd came in as a refugee after being bullied by Volkmar with the fear of men.

Lastly, kind of unrelated so I won't put it on the list. But one of the main reasons I like Barrow legion over the others is their additional climate affinity to the mountains. I kind of hate myself when I start with Vlad because I miss out on this very useful trait. One easy way to alleviate this is to add one additional suitable climates to your faction when you confederate. Just a thought :)

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