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Sound bug while zooming in battles. Battle sounds just vanish

LikachuSvKLikachuSvK Registered Users Posts: 2
Randomly while zooming in while units fight battle sounds dissapear. I can hear only ambience. No swords clashing or war cryes can be heard. Happens in every battle, every race, every sound setting. Tryed fresh install without mods and its still happening.

I think its a problem with how rendering works in the game ? When you zoom in you can see certain things in your border of the screen to "despawn" maybe when they dispawn they also stop making sounds ?
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  • steam_163059580032RwN87Ixsteam_163059580032RwN87Ix Registered Users Posts: 1
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    I have this problem too and others have reported having this well on reddit, likely a game bug that needs fixing

    edit: the latest patch seems to have fixed it but too early to tell if it does all the time
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  • MurthorOathstone#8871MurthorOathstone#8871 Registered Users Posts: 92
    [*] Game Build #:2.1.1.
    [*] Operating System: Windows 10

    THE ISSUE I ENCOUNTERED (DESCRIPTION) I have a Similar issue, where the sound goes silent for the environment and the troops voices when zoomed in on a lord or hero, also the lord/hero is also silent, no sound coming from them in the battlefield, its only when you select them that you hear them.

    [*]100 % of the Time

    Here's how to reproduce the bug or issue step by step:
    [*] Launch Total War: WARHAMMER III.
    [*] Enter a battle
    [*] have your lord be around your troops and zoom in
    [*] notice the lack of sounds from both your troops and your lord

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