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WH 3 Multiplayer BUG - Host is not allowed to be the creator of Mods

Grimm123Grimm123 Registered Users Posts: 152
Me and my friends wanted to play Warhammer 3 Multiplayer together - with 5 Mods - I made 2 of these Mods myself.

My friends were able to play together without any problems with ALL 5 Mods activated. However , I could not join : i got an error message telling me that i had a different game Version.

I was pretty sure from the beginning that it was probably because i was the creator of 2 of these mods since i had the original files with the preview pics in my folder- therefore probably making it a different version.

I thought i could fix this by deleting my Mod files in my folder and then just subscribe to my own mods on the workshop - that did not work. - the launcher did still recognize me as the owner and therefore i had the preview pic of the mod in my folder again and the delete button in the launcher was replaced with the upload button again.

Then i did try to verify the file integrity of my warhammer 3 files - did not work either.

Then i tried to have the exact same Mod loading order as my friends- did not work either.

So , in the end we ended up disabling my 2 Mods - and had to play with the 3 Mods that i did not make. As i said before , it had nothing to do with my mods or our versions ( As i could see from my friends playing together with MY Mods and the other 3 Mods without any problems) - its soley connected to the fact that I AM the creator of two of the Mods we wanted to use.

This is a really frustating Bug as it "punishes" Workshop creators that want to play and test Mods together with their friends.

It`s really annoying to me that the only way to fix this problem at the moment would be making a new Steam account and buying warhammer 3+ all dlcs again, and then subbing to my own Mods.

I hope this gets fixed soon, because at the Moment this feels like a punch in the Face of the Workshop modding Community.

Best regards.


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