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1 Bug, several suggestions

DoctorGmanDoctorGman Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello Total War Team,

I'll start with a bug I found. My friend was playing as Kislev and he found that after he conquered some regions around him, he wasn't able to pass through the mountains to get to Azhag, the Bone Rattlers, on a hard difficulty. It physically would not let him go up through the mountain passes at all and led to him having to take a really long way around. He tried for several turns to no effect, and their was no hidden unit or something blocking that was visible. Not sure if this has been reported at all, but wanted to make mention of it incase there's other pathing issues on the campaign map.

My 2 suggestions for the Immortal Campaign that I would like to see are:
1) Bring back the vampiric court - I liked the option of using the blood kisses to do various diplomatic changes to factions around me. I was playing as Vlad Von Cartstein and noticed that their was no option for that and that made me sad because I thought it was a very interesting mechanic that was useful for deciding who to fight and who to befriend since the vampires are usually hated by everyone on the map.

2) It would be nice if when you're playing the Grand Cathay if you could turn the great bastion off. I know it's a feature of their race/mechanic, but when you play as the factions next to the wall it can be extremely infuriating to ever get out of defending that area from continuous onslaught that comes from it. In addition, the demonic factions can skip around a little to attack you, but I can't physically go meet them to fight outside the wall because another horde faction will spawn and just attack me right away. I don't want it removed, but it would be nice if their was a checkmark option just to turn it off to see how different the campaign could play out without it.

If anyone has tips for how to better manage the bastion, I'm all ears. :smile:
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