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Un-nerf garrisons and landmarks

Blunt_PrincessBlunt_Princess Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 18
The garrison for Altdorf and other faction capitals have been severely nerfed, making defending them extremely difficult, and makes it so the player can't leave it out of reach out of fear of losing it. Similarly landmark bonuses for game 1 and 2 factions have also been nerfed, again making their settlements and faction as a whole much weaker
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  • steam_1645116855395kE4Ycjsteam_1645116855395kE4Ycj Registered Users Posts: 1
    i agree with this in general, i like sieges being difficult, it forces you to take time to wear down a city through encirclement or build an army specifically to storm cities, like in actual warfare. at the very least i think reduced garrison should either been an adjustable option or tied to difficulty settings so players like me who enjoy the challenge of a good siege can actually play with the amazing new mechanics for the battle type. if players want the game to be easier they should just turn down the difficulty
  • KyberusKyberus Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 11
    This change is unfixing a problem that was dealt with some time ago. As the defender, it has rendered many settlements essentially un-defendable against normal armies with their garrison, or even with rapidly raised troops (unless a faction has a lot of available RORs). This allows armies to plow through swaths of settlements, even when being chased around, all with Benny Hill playing in the background.
    As the attacker, it has made actually playing most siege battles unnescessary. Autoresolve is good enough when the defense is rather pathetic. In general, taking large settlements is supposed to be a bit of a challenge with an early army. Now it generally isn't (unless it is an un-nerfed faction or city, for whatever reason).

    Factions like the dwarves are likely to be a bit of a nightmare on any significant difficulty, as they have few and slow armies with widely spaced settlements. This is not to say impossible, I suppose, but certainly rather obnoxious, and often based on luck in predicting where an enemy army is going to come from.
    It is given me a bit of the feel of playing as warriors of chaos in late WH2, which isn't a good thing. (obviously reversed, but still).

    The changes also seem strangely uneven. I suppose this was stated as a "we will come back and balance it", but that seems worse than leaving it in its semi-balanced state.
  • GloatingSwine#8098GloatingSwine#8098 Registered Users Posts: 2,574
    Un-nerf garrisons in general. They were considerably better in 1.0-1.3.

    Return the garrison budget, but return it as more tier 2-3 units rather than higher tier ones.
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