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Thoughts after first Immortal Empires campaign, Mannfred

After completing the short victory as Mannfred I wanted to put a few thoughts, impressions, improvements in here:
1. An update to Aversion ratios. I understand these are more Lore specific currently however with Mannfreds location this seemed like WH2 all over again and quickly became a This is Total War campaign without ever having to declare war. My reasoning: it was war on sight with many factions, some of which I understand, Volkmar, Tiq tak to, Kroc Gar, Belegar, but the list doesn't end there Setra, Malagor, Kairos, Aranessa, etc. Several factions where I could have had green relations because of war with similar enemies but they never let those actions take affect. (as a side note one of my last turns took about 1.5 hours to fight all the battles that turn). I suggest a nerfing of war declaration with neutral relations or that aversion doesn't take ahold immediately, it accumulates over time like other relation factors. Also, a re-balance of aversion to more like, good vs neutral vs bad. So that aversion doesn't hit as hard when having similar enemies.
2. While the location was a welcome reprieve to not have to deal with all that armor of dwarves and them hopping back and forth randomly over mountains, the new location made the "long victory" campaign a rather significant jump from short victory. I understand the incentive to reclaim Castle Drakenhoff, but to own the empire and destroy Reikland is A LOT from 30 settlements in Mannfreds new location. With the new and more spread out starting locations for lords, I would hope for more unique long campaign victories than what seems to me to be a general one for all Vampire counts.
3. With that said, the short victory condition did feel nice and generally easy to accomplish. Although being at war with every surrounding faction made it easier to grab the required number of settlements.
4. The WH3 WOM nerfs did not feel terrible as Vampire Counts as I thought it would be. The reduced cost of Winds of Death made the change more manageable, however lightning strike could be needed to deal with too many enemies for winds of death to destroy. And single entities are somewhat difficult to deal with which makes lightning strike even more needed to not be overwhelmed.
5. The move of Vampires up to tier 4 and tier 5 for more heroes made them unattainable during the short victory. The only vampire I had in my campaign was the one gifted to me. I understand these are powerful heroes however the nerf seems extreme for a faction dependent on lords and heroes.
6. A unique suggestion: Units in Vampire lords armies are undead. My reasoning: I think this adds a nice feature to counts to explore diplomacy with factions and set up outposts. Then they could recruit external units to make up for their units lack of damage or lack of good anti large units. With the prospect of healing them.

Overall this was a good campaign that I did enjoy. However, with the distance for the Long Campaign Victory, the locations of the books of Nagash, and being at war with all my neighbors, the next steps to this campaign seem daunting. So I will likely not continue it.

My Warhammer time: WH1 65 hours, WH2 908 hours, WH3 121 hours.


  • edwardl275edwardl275 Registered Users Posts: 3
    After discussion with a friend about my campaign I do want to add one more note about winds of magic:
    7. Adding the attrition resistance to the channeling winds stance in place of enabling replenishment.
    In every instance, I would still take attrition in enemy (or even my own) territory while trying to channel the needed magic. I would have much preferred the resistance to attrition that is found in raiding stance. I understand there is some give and take there, lose units or channel winds but both can be considerable loses given that you need all the troops you have but also need the winds to heal your troops or use wind of death.

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