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Major Bug: Immortal Empires game hard freeze during siege defense post 2.1 update

Dogmeat2000Dogmeat2000 Registered Users Posts: 5
Game: WH 3 v2.1.0 build 16106.2677981
Mode: Immortal Empires, Ironman Mode

Game freezes shortly after battle initiation during siege defense battles post 2.1 update. It was working fine during v. 2.0.

Attached are:
1: Auto-save file from campaign map prior to initiating battle.
2: Copy of dxdiag
3: Video of the process leading to the freeze.

Updated with a few possible "workarounds", while we wait for a hotfix:

Courtesy of SusaVile (page 3)
SusaVile said:

Possible workaround:
I copied the save files out to the desktop,deleted the game and all files in appdata and steam. Reinstalled the game and started 1 campaign,saved it to have created folders automatically by the game.Put back my save files and tryed it.I played 4 defensive siege battles for now and no more freezing.Hope this solved it.And it could work for you too.

Courtesy of myself...

Another "workaround" is to revert back to v.2.0...

To do so, on windows;
1: With Steam running in the background type "steam://nav/console" into your browser.
This will open the console in steam, allowing you to enter commands.

2: Enter this command "download_depot 1142710 1142711 3760397070497080852" (without the "" brackets) and press enter.
This will download the 2.0 executable (and support files). It will not tell you how far it is, however you can check your network usage to see if it's still downloading or not. (CTRL-ALT-DEL -> Task-manager)

3: When done with step 2 the above, enter this command: "download_depot 1142710 1142712 4551955223934834567"
This will download the main 2.0 data files. They are around 100GB in size, so will take quite a while.

4: When step 2 and 3 is done, backup your WH3 v. 2.1. files (copy to another location), and take the downloaded files from above and move & overwrite into the main WH3 folder. (you''ll probably find them in Steam\steamapps\content\app_1142710)

Backup any saves you have, that you're playing on (just in case).

Now, make sure to open WH3 using the executable and not steam - as steam will simply just update it to v.2.1. again... Keep doing so until the hotfix is released.

More detailed info on how to revert to previous game versions can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=889624474

Just tested the battle I first uploaded in this thread (first post), and managed to fight and win it this time. Campaign seems to be progressing as before the 2.1 update also.

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