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The siege maps are fine, the supply system and buildings need work

CosmicMoan#1504CosmicMoan#1504 Registered Users Posts: 43
All structures in sieges and minor-settlement battles have too little HP, and rams are too slow to be worth taking.
As the attacker, it's very unsatisfying when you destroy a tower, only for a player/AI to rebuild that structure unless you reach and take the capture point. Here are some suggestions on how to improve both these aspects.

- Rams should give an AoE that protects their crew from missile damage, either via a missile resist buff, or by increasing the block chance value of the crew.

Siege towers should be a lot more tanky, and the defenders would need high level towers in order to destroy siege towers. Siege towers should give the attackers an edge against the defender and better protection.

Ladders should also be constructible. These changes alone would make siege equipment more worth using. Cause as it stands right now, people just construct one in order to autoresolve sieges, in order to avoid playing sieges.

Walls, barricades and towers should have substantially more HP, and receive little damage from anything that isn't either an artillery shot or a giant single entity monster. As it currently stands, barricades aren't really worth it cause they die too quick.

- How do we counter balance all these buffs to buildings? By disabling building during battles. Construction should only be possible during the deployment phase. If a tower or barricade gets destroyed, it's gone for good. No more magical, game-y construction work during a battle. On the campaign side, settlements and garrison buildings could add a set amount of supplies for a local settlement.
For example, Altdorf increases the supply cap by 1500 thousand with each tier. At level 5, attacking Altdorf should be a much scarier situation for the attacker. Karaks or Fortress settlements could gain even more per level.

I also think Imperial, Cathayan, and Ulthuan gates, and any future settlements of this type, shouldn't receive any attrition at all, making them much harder to get passed. Skavenblight & Hellpit, Karaks, and Dark Elf Towers (if we ever get them), could function the same. Give us landmarks that give a grace period before the siege-attrition kicks in.
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