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Mortal empires campaign changes and suggestions.

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I write this review based on my experience, I have to say that when it came out I really liked it, I've been waiting for this total war for a long time but like all video games they have flaws.

1. The aggressiveness of the AI ​​and the passivity of your allies.

I've played 2 times with the empire, I love this faction, it's my favorite, from turn 2 they declare war on me. grom to the south, to the north festus, beastmen and greenskins, to the west the legion of the barrows and belakor and to the east more greenskins and vampire counts and 20 turns later norska and the archaon with chaos and fighting with everyone These enemies without being able to move from my lands without being able to advance and with a single army fight against all those enemies and using a large exaggerated number of elite units, giants and monsters.
example: grom 10 units of big black orkz, 2 raknarok spiders, 5 units of armored trolls 2 bosses and grom.
with Kislev it was worse, they didn't stop attacking me until archaon arrived with 5 armies moving in a block and one of them had 19 units of armored trolls. The same thing happened to me with Bretonnia, with Katay lizardmen and chaos but I was much calmer with Cathay and the allies because they made suicide attacks and not defending their territories like the enemies.

2. Sieges.

Attrition for the defender starts from the first turn and my question is, why spend money and time building some pretty good garrisons if you already suffer attrition from the first turn?
With all the levels of the garrison built, they would have to endure at least 5 turns, for example, until they suffer wear and tear due to being a small city and the capitals, for example, 8, but from the first turn, the only thing that is achieved is auto-resolving the battles.

3. Diplomacy.

I have to say that I love that they have put the exchange of settlements for me that always has to be there but I found that in mortal empires it is almost impossible to exchange no matter how good relationships you have, example: Wissenland conquers carroburg because before I take it off grom , when I try to negotiate with wissenland that he return it to me, he never accepts, whatever you offer. Trade everyone is very reluctant to engage in trade with you.

In short, it is impossible to advance, you keep going around defending your lands because there are so many enemies and so many armies with many units that destroy you in seconds. They would have to improve the units of the empire and Bretonnia, especially the infantry because they can hardly stand anything I have been seeing as a line of trained halberdiers, with bonuses from the general to the maximum with warrior priests with magicians and other objects such as banners that greatly improve the units and even So they are still very inferior and can't stand almost anything and this has happened to me especially with the human factions and I'm tired of seeing this and this happening to me.

Having said all this, if they make these changes and the factions of the humans, especially the empire and Bretonnia, they have to put in better infantry or improve their statistics much more, Cathay is not bad and Kislev could use some halberdiers and they improve or change the things that I have described before, this game for me would be incredible and very fun to play but right now it is boring because you dedicate yourself to scaring away enemies and helping allies who are like little children.

I hope they make changes.
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    Have you heard about the confederation for the tomb kings and the vampire coast?

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    *Justice, cats and CONFEDERATION ENABLED for the Tomb Kings and Vampire Coast! feat mummies and Apophas.
    *Exclusive DLCs for Tomb Kings, Vampire Coast, BM, CW and WE! #DLCsAreRacesToo
    *Remaster all WH1 and WH2 faction icons for WH3!
    *Ogre Kingdoms core race or death!
    *Bring back settlement conquering artworks!
    *Gnoblar Carpet for Greesus
    *Improve UI

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